Career scope for Post Graduate Diploma in Wealth Management

Wealth Management


Earning money is one thing and dealing with money or managing finances is another. Wealth Management is a branch that lays emphasis on effective management of finances so as to cut off the operational cost and maximize the profits. Strategic savings can lead to tremendous growth and it also aids the organization to achieve its enduring goals. Wealth management is an art that purely depends on three verticals- time, money and risk. One needs to have requisite skills in order to devise apposite strategies that effectively manage the wealth of any organization. A PG Diploma in Wealth Management is one such course that teaches the crucial management concepts and makes candidates industry-ready for immediate absorption in a host of industries.

Need of Wealth Management

In the past few decades, the Indian economy has been booming, stocks are augmenting, real estate prices are rising, globalization is storming, and the salaries of the middle-class individuals have gone up considerably. This has led to an ever-rising demand for effectual wealth management services.  Apart from blooming economy, there are times of recession and crisis in the market and under such circumstances, the companies seek for financial experts who can maximize the profits and curb the costs. As a consequence, wealth management has emerged as a high-flying career option for a legion of Indian graduates.

The task of wealth managers

Wealth managers provide an effective layout for any organization to manage the funds appropriately so as to seek long-term gains and reach organizational goals. Their wealth management services include tax advisory, succession planning, real estate management, investment advisory, investment under assets like insurance, mutual funds, equity, and debt. To get a job as a wealth manager, you need to go for a course that teaches management concepts.

A PG Diploma in Wealth Management is one such course that facilitates the candidates to gain appropriate wealth management skills. Credible and top-notch quality educational institute like MIT School of Distance Education offers the program through online mode. It gives you access to course material formulated by experts so that you can learn the concepts while continuing with your ongoing job.

Career scope

There is tremendous scope for those candidates that have requisite skills in the field of wealth management. The candidates can immediately get absorbed in any industry, finance firms and private banks including ICICI, HDFC, Citibank and much more. All the organization whether small or big seek for wealth managers that can devise strategies to capitalize on the profits. Other big employers include companies dealing with mutual funds, insurance companies, and those firms that provide an array of wealth management services to the population such as portfolio management, taxation advice, and asset management. Not just the industries but individuals also look out for finance experts who can provide useful advice related to investment and savings.
Some of the job opportunities that will knock your door post the course are as follows:

  1. Finance controller
  2. Insurance Manager
  3. Treasurer
  4. Finance Experts
  5. Director of Finance
  6. Finance Officer
  7. Chief Financial Officer
  8. Financial Consultants
  9. Credit and Cash Manager
  10. Risk Manager