Does Distance MBA / Correspondence MBA Increase Your Chance of Promotion?

The job market of today is a highly demanding and crowded space with employers seeking more out of their prospective candidates and with the number of job seekers far outscoring the count of vacant positions. Gone are the days when academic credentials were the sole criterion for assessing an individual’s worth and capability. Present times necessitate that one makes a sincere attempt to constantly stay abreast of the latest happenings and the emerging trends in his or her area of specialization. However, not everyone can afford to take a career break to pursue a full-time MBA.  A Distance MBA comes to one’s rescue here as it provides a working professional with a unique opportunity to sharpen his or her existing knowledge and skills without having to leave the job. So, if you too are exploring a novel approach to learn while you earn, then a correspondence MBA is the best option for you.

Apart from enabling you with unconventional perspectives, exhaustive industry-focused insights, sharp business acumen and a flexible course schedule, pursing a Distance MBA equivalent course from an illustrious educational institute like MITSDE, Pune can also catalyse and fast track your career progression and help you inch towards that dream role sooner that you might have imagined otherwise. Wondering how a correspondence MBA can boost your chances of a promotion? Here’s a quick gist of how a robust distance learning MBA curriculum can endow you with vital skills that will come handy when it’s appraisal time!

Specialized industry skills: Irrespective of whether you are in a team management role or working as an individual contributor, in-depth industry insights can go a long way in fostering trust with your customers and generating value for them which, in turn, will enable your clients to remain competitive and cost-effective in their chosen fields. MITSDE offers you a range of Distance MBA / Correspondence MBA specializations in areas as diverse as Telecom Management, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Wealth Management, Information Technology etc. The uniquely designed one and two-year courses touch upon all the essential fundamentals that are required if you want to establish yourself as an industry expert – a key trait that can play a decisive role in the short-listing of prospects for the next level or on-site positions.

Improved know-how of established and emerging market trends: In the volatile and ever-evolving economic climate of today, you have to up your game constantly and remain on top of the latest tools and technologies that prevail in the market. This knowledge is crucial for you to be able to recommend strategic and game-changing tools and techniques that can help your clients accomplish their stringent business goals and strategies.

MITSDE offers you unique one-year PGD and Diploma courses to hone your tool capability and awareness of niche domains such as Piping Design, Retail Management, Energy Management, Fire, Protection & Safety and a variety of other fields that are much in demand these days. By empowering yourself with the exhaustive and well-rounded course curriculum, you will be able to make sound decisions and provide expert advice in matters related to your clients’ distinct business challenges and industry-specific pain areas – essential factors that can change your clients’ impression of you from being a run-of-the-mill service provider to a deft consultant, This change of perception can nurture healthy and long-term relationships with them, attract new or repeat business for your organization and earn you the promotion that you rightfully deserve!

Holistic development of one’s personality: Other than augmenting your marketability with industry-leading business principles, a Distance MBA/Correspondence MBA from MITSDE will also groom you in every aspect of business management such as Leadership & Organizational Behaviour, Corporate Communications, Managerial Economics, Business, Government & Society and other key areas that will broaden your horizons and prep you up for the upcoming challenges in your preferred industry. Moreover, by opting for a distance management course in Operations, Project Management or Marketing, you learn how to run seamless and efficient operations, manage time and cost estimates effectively and showcase your products and services to new and existing clients in an assured and confident manner – cutting-edge competencies that will be instrumental in establishing your credibility as a futuristic and business-oriented leader who is ready to take up avant-garde and demanding assignments whenever they are up for grabs!

Better career prospects: Promotion can be either internal to your organization or external in the form of a career jump to a new industry or a company.  It is a well-known fact that reputed MNCs and corporate giants are always on the hunt for meritorious MBA candidates for challenging job roles that warrant a minimum amount of market exposure and business acumen. By adding the enviable stamp of an MBA to your resume, you are better placed to differentiate yourself from the herd, negotiate a lucrative pay package and bag a higher position when you land up a rewarding opportunity with your future employer. The added advantage of developing lasting partnerships with your peers and MBA alumni network can also unveil new and dynamic career opportunities that would otherwise have been hard to detect or discern without the reference of your MBA fraternity