Benefits of Pursuing Distance Management Course in Retail Management

Whether you are a fresher who is aspiring for a management specialization with lucrative long-term prospects or a working professional who is looking to pursue a Distance MBA in a rapidly evolving field that promises exciting roles and responsibilities along with a gratifying pay package, a Distance Management Course in Retail Management can fit the bill for you. Apart from allowing you to choose from a broad range of career options in market segments such as food and grocery, apparel, electronics, healthcare, banking, insurance, fashion and lifestyle, the retail sector in India is also poised for greater growth which, in turn, implies umpteen job prospects and dizzying heights in career for you.

Indian Retail Market – Present Scenario

India’s retail sector is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the world, primarily driven by the e-commerce boom which has led to immense popularisation of online shopping in the country. Moreover, positive FDI policies undertaken by the Government of India have resulted in huge amount of investments from foreign investors who eye the Indian retail market as an attractive proposition owing to the country’s burgeoning population and growing consumerism. Other factors such as a rapidly growing Indian economy, urbanisation, increased disposable income and purchasing power of the country’s middle class segment, heightened awareness amongst the average Indian consumer regarding premium and international brands, easy access to the Internet and social media along with an attitudinal change towards adoption of online services have collectively contributed to the growth of the fast-paced Indian retail sector which makes up for almost 10% of the country’s GDP.

Future of the Indian Retail Market

While the organised retail sector took the world by storm several decades ago, India is a relatively late entrant in the dynamic retail world. Hence, its nascent retail space is a largely untapped domain and one that is waiting to be fully unfurled in the days to come. With a projected annual growth of 12%, it is estimated that India’s retail market will nearly double itself to approximately USD 1 trillion by 2020 while its shopping population will expand by leaps and bounds to reach up to 530 million by 2025! With such phenomenal growth in pipeline, it is quite obvious that a Distance Management Course in Retail Management will hold you in good stead if you desire to exploit the huge potential that exists in the burgeoning Indian retail industry.

Competitive Edge of a Distance Management Course in Retail Management

First and foremost, it is important that you possess a customer-centric attitude coupled with patience and strong interpersonal and communication skills in order to succeed in your career in retail management. Next, you must bear in mind that retail management is a broad field that encompasses different aspects such as Retail Marketing & Buying, Category Management, Strategic Retail Management, Retail Personnel Management, Retails Sales, Customer Service, Consumer Preferences & Buying Behaviour, Retail Distribution & Logistics, Visual Merchandising, Retail Supply Chain Management etc. Hence, it is quintessential that you enrol for a first-rate MBA programme in Retail Management in order to enhance your understanding and awareness of these industry-specific fundamentals if you want to stay ahead of the pack.

MITSDE’s Distance Management Course in Retail Management is a well-structured programme that helps you acquire and master the aforementioned skills in a proficient manner and under the able guidance of thorough study material designed by industry experts and veteran professionals. Moreover, MITSDE’s correspondence MBA provides you with the flexibility to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in the fast evolving retail sector at a pace that is attuned to your demanding work schedules and is equally well-suited to your non-negotiable personal commitments.