Distance MBA in Project Management Vs Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management: 5 Differences that can help to decide between the two

In a world of increasing competition and opening of various career domains, one is always baffled about choosing the right course that would take one closer to one’s aspirations. More often than not, career decisions are informed. It’s either inspired from a friend, relative or close acquaintance or encouraged by the online platform where websites, reviews and blogs dominate the students’ mind.

Sad thing is neither of these ways actually helps a person to choose a career that’s perfectly cut out for them. Presently, people have lots of sources to gather information but hardly any sources to get clarity on the available options. Therefore, before jumping into any career decision, it’s important to take out some time and see how one option is different from the other.

Distance MBA in project management and Post graduate diploma in Project management seem to be the same. However, there’s hell and heaven difference between the duos.

  1. Universities Vs Autonomous Institutions

    Firstly, one has to understand the concept of universities and autonomous institutions. The former is a larger educational body giving affiliations to many institutions. All these institutions make their curriculum and syllabus as recommended by the universities. They are bound to follow the university norms in every sphere of education. Further, only universities have the right to provide MBA degrees and conduct MBA-related programs.

    On the contrary, the latter is an independent educational body that is not associated with any university. Autonomous institutions make their own curriculum according to industry requirements. As they are not universities, they cannot conduct MBA courses and therefore opens platform for Post graduate diploma in Project management in distance learning.

  2. Outdated syllabus Vs Modern growth-oriented syllabus

    Secondly, universities hardly take the time to review their curriculum structure which also includes the syllabus. As a result, students study the same thing years after years and remain confined within an obsolete educational environment.

    This however does not happen in the PGDM model. Here, institutions make lot of efforts to understand the changing dynamics of project management and thus shapes their syllabus accordingly. There’s more up gradation and revisions, all aiming at updating students with the current scenario.

  3. Theoretical Knowledge Vs Industry-centric focus

    Universities always have a tendency to emphasise on theoretical knowledge and bookish education. Distance MBA in project management and any other discipline mainly comprises books and theoretical study materials, with no practical exposure. Students only read, mug up notes and appear for exam. However, they are not steadily prepared to face the real world.

    Independent institutions on the other hand exercise an industry-oriented education. In Post graduate diploma in Project Management the primary focus is on the industrial requirements. It considers the skill-set demanded by the industries, recent developments in technology and the professional expertise that needs to be inculcated in every candidate, prior to entering jobs. It is therefore a more industry-specific course that enables students to learn through experiences, case studies and practical assignments. At the end, candidates stay advanced, far ahead than their competitors in the trail.

  4. Entry-level skills Vs Senior level professional expertise

    Another significant difference is that of an entry-level guidance and an advanced senior level guidance. Universities, with their theoretical outlook, prepare students for entry-level jobs. After passing out from universities with a distance MBA in project management, candidates go through a yearlong training procedure and falls into the conventional scale of promotion. Naturally, career growth, promotional incentives and other lucrative benefits follow a long route.

    Post graduate diploma in Project Management takes the students to a higher level of preparation by equipping them with all the necessities of their industrial job. Such a course makes candidates fit for senior-level positions that further calls for faster promotions, quicker incentives along with other lucrative benefits.

  5. Rigidity Vs Flexibility

    Lastly, it’s all about confinement and openness. Universities confine students within a 360° theoretical domain. It has stricture norms and follows a rigid pattern of education. In sharp contrast, independent institutions are more flexible and dynamic. They take a modern approach towards study and ensure long-term growth and success to every Post graduate diploma in Project Management  student.