Choosing a Distance MBA Institution

Distance MBA

Factors that must never escape your attention

While looking for a distance MBA institute, two most crucial factors that strike your mind are the advices received from a trusted friend or a colleague and the search engine ranks of the institution. Now that you’re blessed with good brains, why should others make decisions on your behalf? Aren’t you smart enough? Well, of course, you are; which is why you’ve taken the right decision to pursue a Distance MBA course from a reputed institution. But how will you ensure if it’s the right place for your Corresponding MBA?

By considering the following important factors, that must never escape your attention.

  1. Accreditation or Affiliation of the Institute

Not just course affiliation, but the affiliation of the institution is what matters the most. It may so happen that certain courses be affiliated or conducted in tie-ups with top MBA institutes. However, the main institution where you’re applying for your desired MBA course might not be recognised by the government. As a result, you will complete the course but won’t get any benefit. Therefore, before applying to any distance MBA institution, make sure that it is accredited and well-recognised by the central government or any other educational authority.

  1. Faculty Presence

    In most online MBA institutes, the faculties are the ones who perform administrative tasks. In fact, it has been seen that the faculties neither possess any genuine degree nor are highly qualified to be termed as a “faculty.” So, when you pose any doubt, all they do is Google up your questions, do some research and find the relevant answer. To avoid getting into such traps, enquire about the qualification of the faculties of your shortlisted institutions. It will be better to physically pay a visit without informing the institution and consult the course instructors to know the real story.

  1. Reviews of Past Students

    Online reviews are the most credible sources of information. Besides seeing your course reviews, go through the overall reviews of the institution. It is because once your complete your course, the name will definitely matter for getting a better job in a better place. So, instead of restricting to specific course reviews, consider the overall reviews and ratings of the distance MBA institute.

  1. Course Delivery Methods

    See how the institution delivers it course materials. Is it through emails or postal service? Besides course materials, how do they prepare students?  Most virtual institutions finish their work by supplying course-specific information. But, that’s not enough. In order to prepare students in the best possible way, institutions must make provisions for regular assessment of progress. Online quizzes, tests and puzzles are some of the interactive ways to engage students and connect them with the institution besides the course. Before submitting your application, look into all these features and then take a wise decision.

  1. Student Support

    Does the institute provide 24*7 support? Do they maintain a chat box? What is the response rate? Do they take weeks to solve your doubts/ questions or it’s done in the blink of an eye? Call them up and ask these vital questions. If possible, request them for a demo. While talking, also pay attention to their tone of voice. Are they confident enough or their tone lacks sufficient confidence? Doing so will tell you which specific institutions are most credible and genuine in their approach and these are by default the right places to pursue a corresponding MBA program.

After considering all these factors, see the costs; weight the benefits against your investment and then take an informed decision. Of all the cities, Pune is one of the best places to secure distance MBA education. And, MIT School of Distance Education, Pune is the first choice of most MBA program-seekers.

Having said that, don’t just go by the words of this blog. Visit the website and do all that you’ve read just now. Be satisfied and then put down your name in the desired course of the institution.

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Why Pursue Online MBA in Pune?

Online MBA in Pune

Today, online MBA institutes are present in every nook and corner of cities. While selecting a suitable institute, did you ever take time to think which might be the right place or city to receive virtual education in MBA? The probable answer is a clear No. And you are not alone in that. Presently, due to lack of awareness, most professionals rely on what they hear. A significant chunk of Online MBA-seekers go by advice given by a friend or a colleague, whereas others Google up their desired course and select an institution according to search engine rankings.

Both these methods can obviously take you to an institution, however not to the right destination. So, if you wish to acquire a genuine Online MBA degree or equivalent certificate; look for institutes in PUNE. Here’s why:

  1. Maximum Number of Credible Institutions 

    That’s the USP of the city. When it comes to professional education, Pune is among the first choices of most ambitious professionals. From entry-level executives to top-level management; everyone possesses a good image about the educational prospects of this city. And Pune, with its good quality institutions, meets the expectations of candidates. Besides regular course colleges, the city takes pride in its virtual MBA institutions. It offers a good learning experience and promises great prospects and opportunities in the diverse career fields.

  2. Good Job Opportunities 

    Imagine doing an online MBA course from a Pune institution followed by employment in the city itself. Doesn’t it sound incredible? If you’re thinking it to be some dream; you’re wrong. In clear words, Pune offers a plethora of job opportunities, thanks to its emerging professional scopes and sectors. Whether you’re a new face in the industry or have achieved some amount of experience; you shall come across a bountiful of job opportunities at hand. Therefore, not just working but also working makes Pune a great place for professionals.

  3. Excellent Learning Environment 

    You might be wondering how come learning environment be a great factor for an Online MBA institute. Surely, it does. Don’t you want high-quality study materials or tech-based practical learning support? How about interactive learning where you go through your lessons and take a test, solve a puzzle or participate in some quiz to know how much you’ve achieved from your online learning. You get these all in such institutions. Thus, while pursuing Online MBA in Pune, you come to terms with new-age education and get 360° knowledge at your convenience.

  4. Student Support Services 

    Online MBA institutes in Pune has specialised services that cater to the needs and requirements of every student. Cases when you might encounter any problem and develop a doubt about your lesson, you can immediately reach the institution through emails, chat boxes and other communication modes. All that you can expect is a reply, at the earliest. Since the Pune institutes are very particular in their student services, they don’t prefer to keep you waiting. You shoot your email and get an immediate response.

Further to this, the Online MBA institutions in Pune also offer flexibility in programs. There’s no strict deadline for examinations and you can take your time to finish your chapters and then sit for the exams. Whatsoever, the institute authorities maintain regular communication and ask about your expediency, before scheduling your exams.

By now, you’re clear about the underlying advantages of pursuing Online MBA in Pune. At present, the city is also flooded with various institutes. Of all distance / online mba institutes, MIT School of Distance Education stands apart with its highly engaging learning experience, good quality course materials and of course student-friendly services. So hurry, select your desired course and put down your name and receive world-class Online MBA education in a more affordable and convenient way.

Is Correspondence MBA In Marketing, HRM, Finance Worth Your Time?

Correspondence MBA, Marketing, Finance,HRM,Correspondence MBA institute in Pune,Correspondence MBA course

Congratulations for making it in a reputable company and no doubt that you’re giving the best shot in your current job. But, is that enough to reach the zenith? Well, you might be thinking that hard efforts, professionalism and dedication are sufficient to get closer to your dreams. However, that’s not how things work in the real world.

Today, if you’re switching your company or hoping for a promotion; recruiters or your company management will first expect something extra from you. This “extra” is beyond your past academic qualification as well as your job experience. So, what does this “extra” thing mean to them?

Nothing, but professional education, meaning how well you keep yourself updated with latest happenings and trends. A Correspondence MBA course in Marketing, Human Resource, Finance or any other stream, is the best place to acquire such additional information and enhance your knowledge about your particular domain.

Correspondence courses help you to recapitulate all your past lessons and simultaneously provide new-age information; thus preparing you for a better future. It arms you with the current strategies and enables you to think beyond what you just see. In short, it attempts to widen your mind, increase your practical sense and optimize your thinking capabilities. Once you get these all correct, you prepare yourself for a better tomorrow.

And after you’re done with a Correspondence MBA course in your field of expertise, here’s how it will add benefit in your corporate career:

  1. Increase Your Prospects 

    Correspondence courses, by far, is the most credible way of increasing job scope and opportunities. With the world running after a few vacancies, having a correspondence degree or certificate automatically increases the chances of getting a better job. In due course of time, you shall find yourself surrounded by the best of the best offers. Furthermore, it exposes you towards global opportunities. Thus, you get higher prospects and enjoy more options to move ahead in your desired career path.

  2. Enhance Recognition 

    Managing work and studies together is not a cake walk. You need to manage time, have proper planning and take a strategic approach towards your profession along with your education. And when you successfully complete your course while serving a company; you end up setting an incredible benchmark. Fellow workers and colleagues start following you and take inspiration from your accomplishments. You never know, but for a few, you might also become an idol. Therefore, besides those lucrative benefits, a correspondence course in MBA will make sufficient space for indirect achievements that are sure to last for life.

  3. Quick Promotions 

    And when you have both experience and knowledge; promotion is on the cards. Based on your skills and expertise; you can also be overwhelmed with a double promotion. With professional development comes increment and frequent hikes, which further enhances the standard of your life and well-being. Compared to others, you advance at a steady pace and stay away from the crowd. It is now when you no longer run after opportunities but are followed by them.

  4. Boost Career Growth 

    That comes unsaid. You boost your career to the extent that you become a decision-maker from a normal employee. Doing a Correspondence MBA course in HRM, Finance, Marketing or any other stream; you can, therefore, optimise your professional life, fulfil all your ambitions, touch the zenith and set examples in front of many. In the end, you make the most of your learning experience and apply your knowledge to real-life situations only to be successful in your respective career field.

With all the above advantages, a Correspondence MBA course in any discipline is more than the worth of your time. Start looking for a suitable institution, get the degree and reach the sky. And to cut down your research time, MIT School of Distance Education, Pune is the most acclaimed institute for such courses.

As a Correspondence MBA institute in Pune, it provides new-age learning and also helps you in searching good job opportunities in global sectors.

So, what are you thinking now? Visit the website, select your desirable course and enrol your name at the earliest.

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How is Distance Education Changing the Normal Learning Ways?

Distance Education

In present educational system, we often come across this term called Distance Education or “Distance Learning.” What is it?

It is a virtual learning platform whereby students need not physically attend any class or lectures, yet can get all information about a particular subject through online systems like emails, online classes, videos, etc. So, enrolling in a distance education course, any student can smartly save time, effort as well as money as these are more affordable than traditional education and go easy on pockets. In fact, students can register in online or distance course from their pocket money and can fund their studies.

Besides the affordability factor, there are some ways by which distance education is gradually overpowering conventional educational systems.

And, these are:

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is the MOST SIGNIFICANT factor attracting new-age students towards the distance management courses. Candidates willing to opt for a course can easily enroll their name without quitting work. So, soon after completing graduation, students can find a job and simultaneously continue their higher studies from the distance management institutes.

Contrary to conventional college, distance management institutes don’t have a fixed tenure for its courses. It provides the ease and convenience to complete courses according to the preference and time-suitability of the student. So, a candidate can finish a particular course in the minimum time (say 2yrs) or can take up to 5 years; it’s entirely up to him/her. Thus, there are no time constraints. Students can relax and complete the course as per their schedule.

  1. Dynamic Education System

Distance MBA programs emphasize on using interactive tools and media to impart best-quality education to its candidates. It organizes tests, puzzles and quizzes through which students can analyze their progress. Some institutes also conduct real-time classes according to convenient timings of the students. It, therefore, develops a two-way learning system where both the teacher and the student come in a common forum and engage in a dynamic learning experience.

The best-in-class online MBA institutes teach students, not through words but visuals. This is another great step in upgrading traditional learning ways and taking it a step ahead with modern technology. It doesn’t end here. Candidates also get doubt-clearing classes where they can connect with their faculties and resolve their issues about any subject.

  1. Ease of Access

Distance management institutes provide access to all online materials and educational sources. It also creates its learning portal where students can get a lot of information about their subjects. Moreover, it enables students to reach them at real-time through chat boxes. In case of any problem, candidates can drop their message and expect an instant reply to their concerns. With this, the distance management institutes provide greater accessibility to educational resources; encourages students to enhance their qualification and takes them towards a better future.

  1. Quality

The quality of faculty, study materials and the overall learning environment together create a good quality place for education. Most online MBA institutes employ qualified and credible professors who have in-depth knowledge in their particular subjects. The quality of study material is at level with international standards. It covers all from theoretical concepts to trends and case studies. Thus, a candidate gets 360° education from the distance courses.

  1. Student Support

Last but not the least; students receive marvellous support from these institutes. From handling their queries to giving regular updates; the online MBA institutes leave no effort in educating students and preparing them for a brighter future. There are special student help desk or student login portal where candidates can fetch any information and stay updated.

With all these features, distance management institutions are steadily progressing and revolutionizing the conventional educational system. With time and age, the distance management institutes will definitely become the ultimate place for acquiring higher qualifications.

Of all such institutions, MIT School of Distance Education, Pune is truly the best with its wide range of distance management courses, study material from experienced faculties and excellent student support and services; the online management institute is advancing at a greater pace.

Things to Consider before Choosing a Distance MBA Course

Distance MBA

As an ambitious professional, you are quite keener on advancing your working career and get closer to ultimate success. And to make it happen, you’re probably spending a substantial amount of your work hours in choosing a suitable distance MBA course that will take you a step ahead in your career ladder and enable you to achieve your long-pursuing dreams.

However, while progressing towards a better future, do you ever take out time to think what exactly you want to achieve in your profession and what are the prospects of doing an online MBA? To make it simple, how the course will lucratively benefit you in the near future? Like most other professionals, you are now putting a deep thought into such perspectives with the hope of coming up with a good answer. Well, don’t think much. The answers are below:

  1. First, see if you are satisfied with your present profile or want a change

    This is the very first thing that you, as a professional must do before moving ahead. Take a day off from work, move to your comfort zone and ask yourself. If you get a positive nod, browse for options within your present work profile, meaning if you work in the marketing department, look for online MBA program in marketing discipline. And if it’s a no, why suffer more? Change your career. Browse through other available disciplines; you have more options today. See its daily job roles and choose the one that best suits your working nature.

  2. Second, is your online program accredited?

    After deciding the particular discipline, consider its accreditation. It may so happen that you perform extremely well in your education, however end up getting no preference. Today, there are many institutions which are conducting distance management programs. Not all conduct accredited programs. So, before you make your mind on achieving the online degree or certificate, ensure that the course is well-recognised by a national educational agency or the Ministry of Education. Always enquire about its affiliation and cross-check.

  3. Third, look into Flexibility

    Flexibility is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in online education. Not just studying while working, but there are other flexibility factors that you should ideally look for. See if the distance management university offers fixed semester schedule or allows you to attend classes at your convenient timing. Also consider on-site attendance and if they too are fixed or flexible.

Most universities have a minimum and maximum tenure, providing the flexibility to complete you course, without being in a hurry. You might also come across a few that offers on-site meetings; although these are rare in Indian universities. From all your available options, look into all these flexibility parameters and decide the best course that complies with your convenience.

  • Fourth, Quality and Standard of Education

    Study materials, digital learning environment and candidate support services together sum up the quality and standard of an online MBA course. Best-in-class distance education goes beyond online notes and includes videos; case studies through visuals, often through graphics; quizzes and other interactive tasks, all of which arrests your attention, enhances your interest and binds you in an active online educational forum.

    Besides study materials, student service is another important factor. Here, you need to consider ease and convenience of arranging personal appointments (if and when required). Also enquire about last-minute special notes for cracking the examinations. Above all, see how well you can connect with the learning pattern and its response system. So, when you have any doubts or queries, it should be clarified, at the earliest.

    Fast and efficient student service along with good quality study materials will together give you an idea about the overall digital learning environment.

  • And finally, the Cost

    To word it better, the ROI. When you get all the above features, it’s now time for preference and not consideration. Shortlist the most suitable distance MBA courses, weight its benefits against the cost to be incurred and try to analyze the returns. Only then, you know the best distance management place to put down your name.

    Of all distance management institutions, MIT School of Distance Education offers new-age online learning experience to its professional students. While maintaining modern learning environment, it offers wide range of nationally recognised and UGC approved distance management courses at the most affordable cost.