PGDBA vs MBA in Materials Management – Which one is better?

Material management is a discipline that deals with planning, organizing, monitoring, and controlling the flow of materials from their place of purchase to the destination. It involves supplying the appropriate quality of deliverables at the right place, time and cost. Pursuing a course in the discipline gives you access to an array of job opportunities. You may get posted as a materials manager, store manager, stock and inventory manager, ERP developer, and vendor manager. When it comes to opting a course in the domain, you have the options of PGDBA in Materials Management or MBA in Materials Management. Both the course have their own significance, but the candidates should make the right choice if they wish to have the right career.

Here are a few points that may help you in making a choice:

1.     Syllabus of the course

The syllabus or course material is the deciding factor that aids in making your choice. The syllabus of MBA in Material management is the same for several years. Students who passed out 10 years back acquired the same knowledge as the ones who passed out recently. But, the market witnesses change in trends from time to time so the course material should be designed aligning to the ongoing trends. This is exactly what is done in case of PGDBA course in Material Management. The syllabus is updated on yearly basis incorporating the workable concepts and latest trends. So, the knowledge that you’ll gain in this course will be relevant to the present scenario and give you an edge over others. The course thus prepares the students for the present and the future.

2.     Type of Knowledge and Industrial Exposure

A traditional course of MBA in Material Management imparts theoretical knowledge. The students gain bookish knowledge and there is the absence of practical or workable knowledge. The knowledge that they gain through this course has less relevance in the practical context. On the contrary, PGDBA in Material Management deals with workable concepts and imparts practical knowledge. The students can access the study materials prepared by industry experts. The materials are cited with case studies and presentations for a better understanding. It is thus an industry-centric program that prepares the students to get immediately absorbed in the industry.

3.     Value of the course from career’s perspective

We go for value-added courses because we yearn to have a lucrative career. Obviously, we would choose a course that would promise a better career out of the two. MBA courses are offered by universities while the PGDBA courses are offered by autonomous institutes. Both the certifications have equal value in the eyes of the employers. However, if we look from career’s perspective, then a PG Diploma in Materials Management (PGDBA) is better.

The curriculum of MBA in Material management lays emphasis on theoretical knowledge and gives entry-level training. The candidates get employed in the industries immediately but it takes longer duration for the professional growth. On the other hand, the curriculum of PG Diploma in Material Management (PGDBA) includes practical and industry-specific knowledge and aligns with the modern-day trends. It provides a high-level training whereby the successful candidates land with high-paying jobs. Those seeking promotions, witness early professional growth and hike in salaries.


From the above factors, it can be concluded that a Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Management is better than an MBA in Materials Management.