Seven Proven Tips for Getting a Job after Distance MBA Course

Everyone dreams of landing a rewarding job once they have completed their Distance MBA. The prospect of bringing home a fat paycheck and the one of a kind opportunity to pursue an offbeat career in niche fields are what allure many to enrol for a correspondence MBA from a reputable institute. If you too are pursuing your Distance MBA or have recently completed your MBA specialization, then here are 7 tips that can make you better prepared for the various lucrative positions that abound the job market.

  1. Draft an Impressive Resume

    While there is no doubt that a correspondence MBA gives you an edge over the others by endowing you with in-depth industry insights, emerging market trends and key management attributes, yet the fact remains that you also need to equip yourself with an arresting resume that is well-formatted, crisp and concise, summarizes your academic credentials and competencies aptly and lays adequate emphasis on your significant contributions and achievements – essential characteristics that go a long way in grabbing the attention of your desired organizations and inspiring them enough to set you up for an interview call or to summon you for a face-to-face discussion.

  2. Make Use of Reliable and Well-known Job Portals

    After you are done with the resume creation process, it is important that you do some fact-finding on established job sites that boast a credible placement track record and are regularly updated with the latest job openings in the market. By uploading your CV on top-rated job portals, you stand a better chance of encountering job opportunities that befit qualified MBAs. Professional resume writing services and timely status updates of your job application via alerts and emails are other key advantages of registering with renowned job sites.

  3. Tie-up with Popular Recruitment Agencies

    In the crowded job market of today, mere dependence on job portals is not enough if you want your resume to standout from the plethora of applications that make their way to the employers on a daily basis. Seeking the professional services of top-notch recruitment agencies becomes quintessential here. Not only do they flaunt link-ups with some of the most prestigious names in the corporate world but they also give you a first-hand insight into the hidden job openings that are never advertised online.

  4. Leverage Professional Networks to Unleash Untapped Openings

    In today’s era, social media permeates every aspect of our lives. Hence, you must make the most of it by exhibiting a strong online presence. Create a compelling profile about yourself on professional networks such as LinkedIn and connect with the who’s who of organizations that feature in your list of ‘dream companies to work for’. This could include people you are already familiar with and/or new associations that are formed on the basis of recommendations from your friends and colleagues. Many corporate houses and MNCs are on the lookout for MBAs from top B schools and post their vacancies regularly on LinkedIn. As a job seeker, you must make it a point to watch out for such opportunities and tap into them as and when you chance upon them.

  5. Exploit Industry Groups to Your Benefit

    These days, there are innumerable industry-focussed groups and communities that prevail on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many other networking channels. They are created specifically to connect with industry experts, garner unique insights into industry challenges and trace meritorious candidates who have the zeal and skill to excel in dynamic roles and positions. Many Human Resource personnel, Delivery Leads and Senior Management professionals are part of these communities. By engaging with such groups, you have a rare platform to showcase your innovative thoughts and ideas that can attract the attention of those who matter the most in your job search endeavour.

  6. Keep in Touch with Your Alumni Network

    It is literally not possible for a single individual to be aware of all the postings that are up for grabs in top companies. Hence, one must leverage his or her connections to discern relevant openings that complement his or her area of interest or specialization. Joining your institute’s alumni network can be a great start as you get to interact and associate with peers and seniors who can further introduce you to the unpublished openings that have been posted in internal job boards. Moreover, they can personally provide your reference to top-rated firms and help you secure an opportunity to make your presence felt in front of the interviewer.

  7. Garner Experience with an Internship Stint

    Apart from the fact that you have developed sound multitasking, decision-making, prioritization and other employable skills by virtue of a Distance MBA degree, you must also bear in mind that fast-paced organizations are usually on the hunt for talented MBA candidates who are well-versed with the corporate culture and who can quickly get started with bare minimal training intervention. There is where an internship with an illustrious firm can hold you in good stead. It gives you a novel chance to brush up your knowledge that you have acquired during your correspondence MBA programme and lets you test your MBA learnings in the real world. Moreover, several companies also hire the deserving candidates for full-time roles if the latter perform well during their internship period, thereby giving you all the more reasons to opt for an internship stint.

Lastly, do make it a point to be well-dressed when you turn up for an interview as it plays a vital role in creating a positive first impression on your prospective employer. After all, no one wants to hire someone who does not look the part. Remain updated with the latest happenings in your chosen field and flaunt a confident disposition when you interact with your future employer. By incorporating the above tips, you are sure to come out with flying colours when you eventually step out of that discussion room!